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A sentiment of Gratitude flows from Dr. Bernard Moras the Archbishop of Bangalore - the President of ASHA Charitable Trust, the Coordinator Rev. Fr. Patrick Edward Pinto, ASHA Staff and Sponsored Children.

It is already a year ended with joy and Satisfaction of having helped the child you have adopted to help in education. We wish to render our heartfelt gratitude for joining in the Action South for the Holistic Advancement (ASHA) of our poor marginalized children in the Archdiocese of Bangalore.

Each year has been bringing us an outstanding result to our sponsorship program as children and Parents showed a tremendous participation in various programs conducted by ASHA. It is a tremendous experience from our part for we could see the child progressing step ahead not only scholastically but also in all the programs set for them. It is a time for you to see how much your child has achieved just because of your help and sacrifice of love.

1. ASHA Team Assessments:

ASHA Staff visits the families of the sponsored children from time to time in order to check out their family progress and achievements in their studies. We also encourage the students to aim high to reach their goal and to build a good family relationship to create a good atmosphere to grow holistically.

2. Parent’s Get-together/ Meeting:

Parents meeting were conducted from 23rd February to 5th march 2015 in 8 places. They shared their experience or development of their families with the interaction of ASHA. It is mainly to create awareness about the value of education in today’s world, Importance of ASHA activities, and to create awareness about the other means to find livelihood along with other daily work to set apart some cash for the future studies of the child. After the meeting coordinator, along with other staff members visited some houses of children to understand their real situation of life. It was very enriching experience to the staff

3. Dassera One-Day Camps:

Dassera One-Day Camps: 2015 With the motive to enhancing the number of participants attending the one day comp this year for the first time we organized 54 ‘One-Day Camps’ in their own localitys. In the past years we used to have just 11 ‘One-Day Camps’. Though this approach demands enormous time and energy, it enabled us to know the children more closely and to know them personally in comparison to earlier years. It was an enriching experience, where sponsored children shared their academic excellence and expressed their sense of gratitude and festive wishes to their donors through individual letters.

4. Animators Meet/ Get-together:

ASHA Animators meeting was held on September 24, 2014. Out of 103 Animators 84 of them were present. Meeting began at 10.00 a.m. Archbishop welcomed and appreciated all the Animators for their voluntary services done for ASHA as Animators. His Grace made it clear that Animators are like a bridge between the ASHA Trust and the Beneficiaries. Hence they should have a close contact with the child knowing their details fully well. If a child or their dear ones are too sick or in some cases if someone dies then it should be immediately communicated to the ASHA office, so that we will be able to inform the agency about it without delay, and to do the needful for the child or the family.

5. Educational Assistance:

Educational assistance is rendered to the sponsored children by providing School Fess, Tuition Fees, Smart Class Fees, Special Development Fees, Computer Fees apart from that Uniform, Bag, Books, Shoes and other Stationery items which is most needed of the children’s education. We along with sponsored children appreciate your wholehearted support.

6. Christmas Sponsorship Day Celebration / Annual Christmas Program of ASHA Charitable Trust :

2011: The annual Sponsorships Day/ Christmas Day was organized on 18th December 2011 for 2000 children and 100 animators at St. Germain's School. The local MLA, Mr. K.J George and Most Rev. Dr. Bernard Mores were the chief guest. On this occasion, all sponsored children received a wall Clock as Christmas Gift and during this Eucharistic celebration the children and celebrants did not forget to pray for their sponsors

2014: On Sunday, December 28, 2014. Most Rev. Dr. Bernard Moras (the President of ASHA Charitable Trust and the Archbishop of Bangalore) was the main celebrant of the Holy Eucharistic Celebrations. It was concelebrated by Msgr. Jayanathan, Very Rev. Fr. Anthonyswamy and Rev. Fr. Anthony Mahendran. Mr. Clifford Pereira (The Director of TV9), Mr. Venkata Subramaniyan the Manager of Indian Bank Benson Town, the Animators, Major Seminarians of the Archdiocese of Bangalore, Volunteers from Annunciation Church, Nandidurga Road and the Staff of ASHA to the Christmas Celebrations.

The Director of TV 9, Mr. Clifford Pereira from St. Pious X Church, Kammanahalli was the ChiefGuest of the day. He stressed on the importance of children in a family. He gave his life example and explained as to how from a humble beginning he rose to the present level and how hard work and determination played a major role in for his achievements of life. Msgr. Jayanathan, the Vicar General of the Archdiocese of Bangalore through his warm words drew the hearts of the poor children to himself so as to reach out to them. He made the children to repeat few important motivational phrases. All the ASHA children were given a Double Coat Bed Spread with Two Pillow Covers and a Bath Towel. Same way all the ASHA animators were given one big Turkey Towel and a set of three hot boxes. The sumptuous meal on for the program was sponsored by the Chief Guest, Mr. Clifford Pereira. The entire program ended successfully by the united effort of Staff of ASHA Charitable Trust & St. Germaine’s School, Major Seminarians of the Archdiocese of Bangalore and Volunteers from Annunciation Church. A special thanks to Msgr. Jayanathan for his whole hearted support and cooperation to conduct the Christmas Program at St. Germaine’s School Campus.

2015: On Sunday, December 13th,2015 we had Organized Christmas Program for all the sponsored children of ASHA Charitable Trust. 1,151 sponsored children gathered at St. Germain’s School ground for the Christmas Celebration. The Program was well organized with the support of brothers, volunteers, and staffs of St. Germain’s School along with ASHA Staffs. The program began with registration. With the staffs of Abacus Software Company, who are developing software for ASHA Charitable Trust the registration of children and the animators were done. After the registration breakfast was given to the children. After the breakfast the Holy Eucharistic Celebration was presided over by His Grace the Archbishop, Most Rev. Dr. Bernard Moras, the President of ASHA Charitable Trust along with the concelebrants (Msgr. S. Jayanathan, Very Rev. Fr. Anthonyswarmy, Very Rev. Fr. Martin Kumar, Rev. Fr. Gnana Xavier and Fr Patrick Edward Pinto), it followed the cultural program presented by different deaneries of Archdiocese of Bangalore. The Chief Guest Mr. Alton Gerald Viegas, the President of Catholic Club gave inspirational speech to the gathering specially the children of ASHA. He was joined by the other office bearers of Catholic Club like Mr. Brian D’Lima the Vice President and Mr. Lukose Abraham the Treasurer of Bangalore Catholic Club. Very Rev. Fr Devadass joined us for the Cultural Program. All the dignitaries inspired with their words of encouragement. The children as well as animators were given Christmas gift as School/College bag and suitcase respectively. Program was ended with delicious meals sponsored by Msgr. Jayanathan, the manager of St. Germain’s School. It was memorable day.

7. Sponsors Visit:

We had some sponsors visited personally their sponsored children along with their families and spent some precious time with them. Dr. Ravindran and Mrs. Rabia Mathai donated 200 toilet kits to the sponsored children, MUDr. Veronika Vršanská, Mrs. Aneta and Mr. Rudolf, Mr. Karel Macek visited their sponsored children and their families.

Rt. Rev. Jan Vokal- Bishop, Msg. Josef, Frantisek, Jiri - Director, Katerina his wife, Jan Koci, Jana and Marie from Caritas Hradec Kralove. Similarly Mr. Anil Victor Fernandes the Head - Department of Foreign Projects from the Archdiocese of Prague/ Caritas Prague visited the office of ASHA Charitable Trust and the families of the Sponsored

8. Summer Camp-2015:

The annual 3 days Summer Camps for the year 2013 were held for 2000 sponsored children at 10 different places on theme “Child and Parent Relationship” for the children from 1stto 9th standard. “Carrier Guidance” for 10th above students. Creative session. Quiz, competitions, games, action songs, group activity, camp fire and meaningful movie made the camp very interesting and memorable.

ASHA summer camps of 3 days and one day were conducted from 16th April to 13th May 2015. All the camps began with the inaugural session, the camps were highlighted with the theme of ‘love for Nature’ and brothers along with staff members of ASHA enriched the children with innovative games and to write the letters to their sponsors creatively. Each camp concluded with the cultural program and the prize distribution. 1,366 number of children were present and camps ended with a happy note.

9. Sad news for ASHA:

Jennifer : HK-971 On Tuesday, 28.04.2015 Jennifer had gone out along with her friend. She was travelling along with one of her friend’s on a Motor Cycle (Two Wheeler Vehicle). The Motor Cycle in which they were travelling dashed/ramped into an Auto and both of them fell from the Motor Cycle. The car which was coming behind the motor cycle hit Jenifer. She had bleeding in the nose and the ear. One of the persons who had gathered at the accident site took her to the nearby government hospital. She was declared brought dead. She was studying in II PUC.

Evangeline Linto : On Thursday, 23.07.2015 Evangeline Linto died due to dengue fever. She was studying in 3rd standard.

Lavanya.V : HK-1811 On Friday, 11.12.2015 Lavanya .V died due to epilepsy, she was studying 2nd year PUC.

Ganesh : HK-1127 On Thursday, 18.02.2016, on the day of his Birthday A. Ganesh met with accident while travelling towards Mysore. He had failed in II PUC and he was working.

Death of the animator : We lost the animator of Gokunte, Rev. Sr. Brigit SAB, who expired on Thursday, 24th September 2015, due to cancer.

10. Exciting News in Bangalore:

We have been blessed with News ASHA Office. It was blessed by the president Most Rev. Bernard Moras Archbishop of Bangalore along with Trustees, Director, ASHA Staff and Animators.

An Appeal to Partnership:

Due to the ever increasing numbers of the applications for education sponsorship, ASHA Charitable Trust has been striving to raise the funds through locals and well wishers. In this regard we humbly appeal to all kind hearted persons to come forward with your helping hands by considering and accepting more applications for sponsorship in order to enable every poor child to access basic education. Every time we remember to Say “thank you” we experience nothing less than heaven on earth. With renewed thanks and warm Regards,

Yours in Christ