Summer Camps

The annual 3 days Summer Camps for the sponsored children at 10 different places on theme “Child and Parent Relationship” More+


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Visit of the Donor Agency:

Director of Hradec Kralove

We were very happy to have amongst us Rt. Rev. Jan Vokal - Bishop, Msg. Josef, Frantisek, Jiri - Director, Katerina his wife, Jan Koci, Jana and Marie from Hradec Kralove Ageny visited ASHA Charitable Trust office from 24th to 28th of April 2012. Members had opportunity to visit office and sponsored children and their localities during their stay. It was a time of the Summer Camp 2012. They visited the Camp sites and honored the best students.

Coordinator of Caritas Prague Agency

Head of the Foreign Department from Caritas Prague Mrs. Kristina, Mazerekova, visited our office between12th to 17th of February 2011. She had interaction with the Archbishop, the ASHA staff and the sponsored children.

Head - Department of Foreign Projects from the Archdiocese of Prague/ Caritas Prague:

Mr. Anil Victor Fernandes the Head - Department of Foreign Projects from the Archdiocese of Prague/ Caritas Prague, visited the ASHA Charitable Trust on Friday, 5 December 2014. He was given a warm welcome by Very Rev. Fr. Edward David the Director of ASHA. After a short prayer led by Fr. Patrick Edward Pinto the Coordinator of ASHA, Sr. Kusum explained briefly about the functioning of ASHA and the various activities conducted during the year 2013-14 through a Power Point presentation. The few sponsored children’s houses at Byrathi were visited.


On 3rd December 2011 Ms. Bhara a Journalist from Caritas Prague visited Bangalore and had a meeting with the Archbishops Most Rev. Bernard Moras, Fr. Edward the ASHA Director the Coordinators and the staff of ASHA. She discussed about the various activities conducted by the ASHA Trust and thus promised to find New sponsors from Caritas Prague to help our children financially for their educational needs and she also promised to visit again to see the different activities conducted by ASHA.

Visit of the Donors:

HK Sponsored Child by Name Sonaliya HK - 1733 her sponsor's son from Czech Republic by name Mr. Martin along with his wife and friend visited the whole family of Sonaliya at Archbishop's House and made them happy

Mrs. Aneta and Mr. Rudolf from the Czech Republic had visited our ASHA office in the month of October 2015. They visited both of their sponsored children Chandra Shekar HK-791 and Johnson Suprita HK-679 and spent some quality time with them and their family members. They were very happy with the working of ASHA Charitable Trust and have expressed their continued support to us. They have also assured us to speak to their friends at Czech Republic so that they also would be able to come forward to sponsor as many children as possible.

Mr. Karel Macek, sponsor of HK-964 Neha Veronica. C visited India on 23rd February 2016. He visited ASHA Charitable Trust as well as sponsor child’s family and the college, St. Charles women P.U. College. We had good interaction with the donor.