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Hi I am Daisy Flora,
I would like to thank you very much Caritas Hradec Kralove through ASHA Charitable Trust for sponsoring and continuous support provided to me throughout my education. I am glad to share with you that I successfully completed my studies and I have a new career ahead. I truly appreciate your generous contribution. Thank you very much again.

Every person will have his/her past life story same way I too have one. We were 4 members in our family. But at present we are only 3 of us, my father and my younger sister. When I was 8th grade my mother Margrate Mary passed away due to her ill health. I am from a backward family where my father was the only earning member of my family. He found difficult to bear our education expenses. When I was in 4th grade, my school teacher Sr. Emilia joined me in ASHA charitable trust as a sponsored child. My father felt relieved from the burden of bearing my education expenses. Every year I got my fees amount on time and I utilized it to pay my school and college fees without any delay.I am very good in my studies and always scored good marks, I passed my SSLC and PUC with 82%. More+

I am John Calvin,
No words could possibly express how happy I was when I was informed that I had been chosen and sponsored by Caritas Hradec Kralove through ASHA Charitable Trust to receive financial help for my studies.  Ever since through Your generosity ASHA Sponsorship came into my life it has changed the course of my life. Thank you so much for supporting my transition in education. Words cannot explain how appreciative I am, of your gift. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I would like to share about what I am today because of your support. You supported my education for 10 years from VI Grade and now I am able to support others in need. More+

Hai, I am Bala Mary
I am very happy to share with you my special story and my journey with you. First of all I would like to express my Sincere Gratitude to Caritas Hradec Kralove through ASHA Charitable Trust, Your Financial Contribution. Without your selfless contribution I could not have completed my education successfully. Thank you so much for Your Kind Help and Generous Support.

We are 4 members in our family namely my dad, mom, my brother and myself. I’m from the backward family. My father passed away and my mother was not able to pay the fees for my education. It was too difficult to manage the family too. Due to which I became a dropout from my studies when I was studying in 3rd grade. I was looking after my brother who was a new born baby. More+

Hi, I am Augustine,
I sincerely express my gratitude to you my dear sponsors who helped me to reach to the position that I hold today. From my 8th standard to master degree you have supported me and helped me financially that is the reason today I am living a happy life. Your benevolent hands have supported me and my family for many years thus my family is indeed grateful to you and to your family for your generosity.

We are four members in our family my parents, my elder brother and me. My father is a farmer and he supported the family through his hard work in the field. My mother also worked in the field helping my father in farming. It was not easy for my parents to educate me and my brother with a small income. My father did not own a land and had to work in others’ farm as a laborer and he did his best to bring us up. It was ASHA charitable trust which brought my dream into reality in my life. I could study further without any difficulties and dependency on my parents’ income. More+

Hai I am Susmitha,
First of all I would like to thank you for your kind sponsorship which helped me to continue my studies. I sincerely appreciate you for your timely support and continuous blessings. Your generous contribution made me to realize my dream of completing my education till degree in Government First Grade College.

My father’s name is Rayappa and we are four members in our home. I am from a poor family. My father is an electrician. He was finding it extremely difficult to pay the fees of my brother and myself and educate us. It was very difficult to manage the family and studies with the income of my father. When I was 4thgrade, our Parish priest told us about the ASHA Sponsorship program. From there my journey started as a sponsored child of ASHA Charitable Trust. I was doing my 4thgrade in a Mayura Convent. Then I did my PUC in Vivekananda College in my native place Thuruvukare near our Parish church. More+

Hai, I am A. Vijay Prabhakaran S/o M. Anthony Swamy. My mother name is Salath Mary. We are 5 in my family myself, my father, mother and my two sisters. I am very thankful for Caritas Hradec Kralove for helping me for selecting and helping me from my school days through ASHA Sponsorship Program. I am very grateful and thankful for them.

We are three children in my family my elder sister, myself and my Younger sister. My elder sister studied till 10th Std and discontinued her studies due financial problem in family. We did not have basic facilities in my family. I studied till degree and successfully completed my degree through the help of my donors and God's grace. During my school days I participated in many events such as Foot ball, Cricket, Hockey. I have been playing these sports from my childhood. I am very interested in sports and won many prizes. More+

A very good afternoon to my dear donors. I am Jenifer Renita from Kanakapura, belongs to Archdiocese of Bangalore. My HK Number is 1009. A Stone get its beauty only when it is carved into particular shape and painted in order to protect it and to enhance its beauty. In the similar way today I am representing myself as a replica of ASHA Charitable Trust and also I render my heartfelt gratitude to you because I am studying Masters degree and able to continue my studies because of your generous help and mindful help.

So we were four children in our family and I am the third child. We have very hard difficult economic condition where we cannot fulfill our daily needs also. In that way I have chosen by the sister who recommended me and make me the beneficiary of this ASHA Charitable Trust. From then until now I believe I am being helped by you so that made me to stand as one of the someone great in the society. So I am thankful for this one. More+

I am Mary Alisha. A.D/o P. Arockia Swamy and Christina. I hereby have to come to tell you about my successful life. We are 4 members in the family, my Father, Mother, Brother and Myself. My father works as a daily labourer and mother works as a primary school teacher. The income what they get is very less and it is not enough to meet the family needs. My parents were struggling a lot to provide education to me. My father has hypertension, my mother has diabetes and brother has asthma. So most of their earnings were spent for their health purpose. Eventually my mother also quite her job due to health issues.

It was really hard for my father to send the children to School. When I was in 5th STD, I came to know about ASHA Sponsorship program from my Parish. The Parish Priest took effort to join me in ASHA Charitable Trust for the education help. Thus I was enrolled in ASHA Sponsorship Program and because of ASHA I was able to study in St. Mary’s English Medium school and complete my School Life. I passed my 10th STD with 84.9% of Marks. More+

Hai, I am K. Stephen Raj.My HK Number was 831. I first of all my donors from Caritas Hradec Kralove who helped though ASHA Charitable Trust. I got the sponsorship when I was in 7th std, that time my brother as suffering from blood cancer problem. He is no more. I got the sponsorship only because of him. Why because is my father works as a tiles worker where I cannot afford for my studies at that time. It was painful situation at that time where I was not studying well also.

When I was in 7th only I lost my brother he is no more right now. After his death I realized and I realized myself, I realized my responsibilities. And I thought a lot and I just started studying from 7th to 10th std and completed with First Class marks and later on I joined Pre-University College in Indian Academic and I completed my 1st PUC and 2nd PUC with 82% of marks and later on in the same college I continued my degree. More+

I am Jarrifan Anthony Niranjan. J S/o John Bosco. In this world everyone have their own life story but in that many stories we can find only few of them getting success in life. So as the ASHA has selected my story as a successful one. I would like to say something about my past life. When I was studying 1st to 3rd standard it was very easy for my parents to pay the school fees. After which my mother got sick and my family was in poor condition and there were no chance for me to continue my studies because whatever my father earned from his collie was spent for my mother’s health care.

For this reason I decided not to continue my studies any further.Yes it was ASHA Children’s Sponsorship Programme which took care of me as a mother takes care of her child. So when this ASHA Trust came to my rescue really I felt that it was God who came to my rescue. Then I had a thought that I was blessed by God and I am the luckiest person in the world. In 4th standard ASHA came to my rescue by lending their arms to me in the field of studies. More+

I am Pavithra C. D/O of Chowriraj. Every Person will have his/her own life story. Even I have my own life story. We are totally five members in my family, Father, Mother, Sister, Brother and I. As we are three children to my parents and giving the education to three of us was very difficult for them. When I was enrolled in Asha sponsorship program my parents were relieved from some burden. In my school days I used to be the topper in my class and I used to take part in all the academic activities like Dance, Singing, Skit, Sports, etc.

Hence I had a good name in my school. In my Parish, every year they used to take us to Peter’s Missionaries for Bible Quiz Competition. Continuously for Two years I won the Second prize among many Parishes for Bible Quiz Competition and I received ‘Bible Super kid Award’ which is the biggest achievement in my life. It was the proud moment for me. I passed 10th Std with good marks. More+

Velanganni Priya L : I wish to say something about my life. Untill I was selectecd for ASHA Sponsorship programme. I never thought that I would finish my 10th standard. My house condition was such that my parents were in utter poverty. Rite from the time I was in 1st Standard, they were not able to pay the fees for my study. But God was so merciful on my family that he gave chance for me to be in ASHA Sponsorship Programme. I am Velanganni Priya L D/O Josephine Mary. Every person will have their own past life. Even I have my past life story.

In my family there are 5 members my grandfather, father, mother, brother and myself. In our family nobody studied till graduation. But I studied with the help of ASHA Sponsorship program through the financial support of Caritas Prague. Asha sponsorship program is the back bone for my studies. They have been helping for my education. More+

Maria Sahana : I wish to say something about my life. Untill I was selectecd for ASHA Sponsorship programme. I never thought that I would finish my 10th standard. My house condition was such that my parents were in utter poverty. Rite from the time I was in 1st Standard, they were not able to pay the fees for my study. But God was so merciful on my family that he gave chance for me to be in ASHA Sponsorship Programme. My parents were struggling even to find a job and earn their livelihood. I was brilliant in academics.

I used to study hard and get 1st rank in the class. From 2nd standard I started to join in all the activities and I used to win many prizes. Those days there was no mobile or camera to take photo of what all I did. I used to play Kho-Kho, Running Race etc. I used to join in co-curricular activities such as singing, dancing, acting, elocution, essay writing, rangoli, kolatum which is our culture and I was getting many prizes. More+