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ASHA [Action Sought for Holistic Advancement] is a ray of hope and a promise to open doors into a better world. ASHA Charitable Trust was started by His Grace, Most Rev. Dr. Bernard Moras, the Archbishop of Bangalore in the year 2004.

It is a voluntary effort of our Archbishop to promote the integrated development of the marginalized children all over the Archdiocese of Bangalore which consists of Tumkur, Kolar, Ramanagara, Chikkaballapura, Bangalore Rural and Bangalore Urban Districts of the State of Karnataka. It covers 14 deaneries of Archdiocese of Bangalore. The names of the deaneries are Cathedral, Mariannapalya, Basilica, Briand Square, Jalahalli, Kengeri, Beguru, Madivala, T.C. Pallya, Harobale, Chikkaballapura, Kolar, KGF and Tumakuru. There are 128 parishes children who benefit from ASHA Charitable Trust.


1 .   Bangalore Urban

2 .   Bangalore Rural

3 .   Kolar

4 .   Tumkur

5 .   Chikkaballapura

6 .   Ramanagara

As on June 2019 ASHA Charitable Trust through its children sponsorship program has been successful in helping 8,672 children (4,003 number of children have been helped under long term sponsorship and 4,669 number of children have been helped under one time help.) in the past 15 years of its existence. At Present it President is Most Rev. Dr. Peter Machado.

Many children have come up in their life with the help of ASHA Charitable Trust. Some of the Successful Children/ Youth of ASHA Charitable Trust are as follows; HR Managers, Engineers, doctor, Teacher Technician, Nurse, Tailor, Bank Employee ASHA Charitable Trust steps forward to make a difference in the lives of the children through the sponsorship Program. The Director of ASHA Charitable Trust Rev. Fr. Patrick Edward Pinto with his team works for the upliftment of the poor children through education. The Director along with the staff

The Objectives of ASHA Charitable Trust

ASHA children's sponsorship program works as a channel to change the lives of the underprivileged children to enjoy their right to education. The objectives of the Trust are as follows;

• Provide Basic Education irrespective of caste, creed or color.
• Teach the importance of education and instill the qualities of leaderships.
• Instill social, moral and spiritual values.
• Build self-confidence and esteem to be better individuals.
• Enabling the children to achieve their aim in life by showing the right way.
• Enlighten to become responsible citizens of the society.
• To train young minds to choose right vocations.
• To impart problem solving skills.
• To help the School/ College dropouts to get special employable skills through Job Orientation Program.

Benefits for the sponsored children through ASHA Charitable Trust
• School Benefits: The children under ASHA Charitable Trust will get school benefits like tuition fee, school uniform and other school materials like tie, shoes, belt, books etc.

• Professional Courses Assistance: ASHA Charitable Trust initiates and supports the sponsored children financially who wish to undergo further courses like ITI, nursing and other job oriented courses.

• Gifts: The children under ASHA Charitable Trust will receive a Christmas gift. Similarly the children will also receive special gifts from their individual donors.

• Medical Assistance: If the children fall ill, if need be ASHA Charitable Trust will assist the child and in some cases their family members are given financial help towards their medication. If the children are seriously ill due to any sickness or if the child requires surgery, ASHA Trust helps them to obtain maximum concession from the Hospitals. Health awareness camps help the children to be cautious about their health.

• Family benefits: The children who receive the required School materials for his/her education, depending on the generosity of the donors, the children family are given financial help- renovation/ repair of their hut or house, financial assistance for their education of the siblings of the sponsored child.

Number of Beneficiaries: ASHA provides Long term Help and One-Time Help for the children of the Archdiocese of Bangalore. Many ASHA children have become teachers, engineers, nurses and technicians. Some have become Nuns and some are in formation to become Priests and Nuns. As on September 2019 ASHA Charitable Trust through its children sponsorship program has been successful in helping 8,672 children (4,003 number of children have been helped under long term sponsorship and 4,669 number of children have been helped under one time help.) in the past 15 years of its existence.

The ASHA Charitable Trust has sponsored 2,160 children during the Academic Year 2016-2017. This includes the children sponsored by Caritas Hradec Kralove 785, Caritas Prague 148 and 862 poor children are helped by the local donors. Further we have extended one-time help to 365 children during the Academic Year 2016-2017.

Activities of the ASHA Charitable Trust: The Different Activities of ASHA Trust are as follows;

1. One Day Camp: The ASHA Trust has organizes ‘One-Day Camps' in the respective localities of the Children. By this the sponsored children get an opportunity to share their academic achievements, express their sincere sense of gratitude and extend Christmas and New Year Greetings to their donors through their individual letters. They get to interact with the staff and the volunteers of ASHA in a more personal one to one manner.

2. Summer Camp: The regular Annual Summer Camps are organized for the children. It is held in the month of April and May in different localities, so that majority of the children could attend the Camps. Camps are more individual oriented than group oriented. It bringsa vast change in our rapport with the children. ‘Three-Days Residential Camps' are organized for the children up to 10th Standard. The children of 11th Standard/ Grade and above attend one day camp.

3. ASHA staff visits the Families of the Sponsored Children: Family visits gives us a clear idea of the family situation and helps us to know the problems being faced by the children due to poverty and its related social problems.

4. Tuition Centers: ASHA Trust has been running 20 tuition centers to provide supplementary education to the basic school education of the children and also to provide to provide them life skills.

5. Job Oriented Program: ASHA Charitable Trust has been running Job Oriented Program to transform the unproductive, unskilled and unemployed individuals to be nation builders. It includes Garment-Making and Four-Wheeler Driving courses for 135 unemployed youths. In the past 2 years few hundred school dropouts are employed in different job set-ups and some have begun self-employment.

6. Christmas Celebrations: Christmas Get-Together: we had Christmas Program for the sponsored children of ASHA Charitable Trust. It was organized at St. Aloysius Degree, Cox Town, Sarvajna Nagar, Bangalore. 720 sponsored children participated in the Christmas Program. The president of ASHA Charitable Trust motivated children with meaningful Message of Christmas. He explained the children about the importance of education and the willingness of the donors in helping sponsor children. These donors are not rich people but they are rich in heart.

Academic Excellence: Some of the children are securing more than 80% of marks in their studies. They are a great ray of hope for ASHA Charitable Trust in particular and the Society in general.

Successful Children: Many children have come up in their life with the help of ASHA Charitable Trust. They have become Teachers, Technicians, Nurse, Tailor, Driver, Office Assistant Bank Employee.