Summer Camps

The annual 3 days Summer Camps for the sponsored children at 10 different places on theme “Child and Parent Relationship” More+


School Benefits
Professional courses
Personal benefits
Medical assistance
Family benefits


1.    Providing Educational Aid :

The expenses towards provided educational aid of the sponsored children, for the current year such as school fees, computer fees, uniform, note books, text books, school bags, and travel allowance etc. is reimbursed in the month of June, 2016, through individual bank account. They are most essential for the children and we along with all the sponsored children express our gratitude for generosity and kindness.

2.    Mid Term Camps :

Mid - term camps for the year 2016-2017 will be organized in the month of October at different deaneries of Bangalore archdiocese for the purpose of writing letters and Christmas greetings to their sponsors.

3.    Promotes Vocations to priesthood :

ASHA is pleased to share with you that some of your sponsored students have been selected for priesthood both religious and diocese..

4.    Sponsorships / Christmas Day Celebration :

The annual Sponsorships Day/ Christmas Day was organized in the month of December each year. The day will be a memorable event for all the children which includes, praying for the Donor and the Donor Agency, Holy Eucharist, Cultural Program, Grand Lunch and a Christmas Gift.

5.    Animators' Meeting:

Once in few Years Animators Meeting will be organized equip the animators with the modern techniques to interact with the children and their parents. It is also an occasion remind the animators about the vision, mission, aims and objectives of ASHA, roles & responsibilities, working methodology of sponsorship etc.

6.    Visit from Agency :

Rt. Rev. Jan Vokal - Bishop, Msg. Josef, Frantisek, Jiri - Director, Katerina his wife, Jan Koci, Jana and Marie from Caritas Hradec Kralove. Similarly Mr. Anil Victor Fernandes the Head - Department of Foreign Projects from the Archdiocese of Prague/ Caritas Prague visited the office of ASHA Charitable Trust and the families of the Sponsored Children.

Donors like Dr. Ravindran and Mrs. Rabia Mathai, MUDr. Veronika Vršanská, Mrs. Aneta and Mr. Rudolf, Mr. Karel Macek visited the ASHA office and the homes of the children.

7.    Family Assistance :

ASHA along with sponsored families are thankful to the sponsors who have helped the families of the sponsored children to avail the basic family needs. Few of the donors have also helped the other children of these sponsored children for their education and medical assistance.

8.    Medical assistance :

The sponsored children are given the medical assistance and even their family members and given the help. For instance Vidya HK-1415, Ajeeth HK-296, Lurdu Kumar BM-326 etc.

9.    Summer Camp - 2016 :

The regular Annual Summer Camps are organized for the children. This Years Summer Camps are organized between 14th April to 2nd May 2016 and different localities so that the children can easily attend the camps.

10.    An Appeal to Partnerships/Request:

Due to increased number of applications for education sponsorships, ASHA Charitable Trust has been looking for local support. In this regard, we humbly appeal to all kind hearted people to come forward by considering the acceptance of more applications and inspire your family and friends also to take-up the sponsorship of few children in order to enable every poor child to access basic education to which we are ever grateful.

11.    Software Development:

As we are in IT BT city (Information Technology and Bio-Technology) for past couple of years we had been trying to get a Software to ease the work of ASHA. With the help of Rev. Fr. Gabriel Christy, Abacus Information Technologies led by its CEO Mr. John has come forward to develop customized software for ASHA Charitable trust. Very Soon it will be fully operational.

12.    Visits to Different NGO’s Running Child Sponsorship Programs:

We visited different Dioceses/Organizations which run Child Sponsorship Programs in Belgaum, Karwar, Honnavar and Shivamoga. It was an inspiring experience to visit organizations of similar nature and which are taken care of by different Religious Organizations and the Dioceses of Karnataka. The exchange of ideas and information widened our knowledge and enhanced our ability to work more effectively.