Summer Camps

The annual 3 days Summer Camps for the sponsored children at 10 different places on theme “Child and Parent Relationship” More+


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How to Apply for ASHA Charitable Trust:

The staff of ASHA Children’s sponsorship Program will hand over their application forms after informing the parish priest. The concerned parish priest will appoint or nominate an animator either a religious sister or a lay person who voluntarily take up the task of visiting the family of the children and procuring accurate Bio-Data of the child and the Family History of the same child and filling the forms in due time and then, submit in the list of the children to the coordinator. ASHA staff will verify the information given by the applicant, 2-passport size• Photographs and one post card size photograph of the children must be submitted along with the application forms. One Pass port size photo should be attached to the filled in application form. The completed applications should reach to the office within the given period. The coordinator, after thorough scrutiny, processes the application forms of the children, forwards them to the Archbishop for approval after which it is forwarded to the agency.