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Donor Visit

Visit of Mr. Jiri and Family to ASHA: Mr. Jiri, the Director of Hradec Kralove visited Bangalore (27th to 31st August 2016) for holidays along with his family. We were happy to hear from Mr. Jiri that Caritas Hradec Kralove is happy with the working (activities) of ASHA Charitable Trust in the field of education of the poor children. We were very glad to hear it from the Director of Caritas Hradec Kralove, himself.

Visit of Cardinal from Africa: On 7th December 2016, His Eminence Cardinal Sir John Ribat, M.S.C. from Archdiocese of Port Moresby along with Fr. Victor Roche S.V.D., General Secretary of the CBC PNG/ SI (Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Papua New Guinea and Solomon Islands’), Fr. Michael Sagayaraj, SMM, Provincial of Montfort Fathers and Fr. Rozario Menezes, SMM, Delegation Superior of Montfort Fathers and President of Federation of Religious of PNG/ SI (Papua New Guinea and Solomon Islands’) visited the office of ASHA Charitable Trust. His Grace the Archbishop Most Rev. Dr. Bernard Moras enlightened them about all the wonderful work being undertaken by ASHA Charitable Trust.

Visits from Caritas Hradec Kralove: We were extremely honoured by the visit of the officials of Caritas Hradec Kralove led by Rev. Fr. Josef Suchar. The team included Mr. Vojtech Homolka (Coordinator of HK sponsorship program at India), Mrs. Eva Zalwsakova (Media), Mrs. Ludmila (Office Staff) and Mrs. Marcela (Accountant). Their lovely approach, simple life style and thought provoking sharing has inspired a lot to ASHA Charitable Trust members and the children to be grateful and other oriented persons in their life.

Visit of the Spiritual Director of Caritas Hradec Kralove to the Tuition Centers and interaction with Job Oriented Course Beneficiaries: We were very glad to have amidst us Rev. Fr. Josef Suchar, the Spiritual Director of Caritas Hradec Kralove. Along with him his friends Mr. Karel Kratochvil, Mr. Jiri Herynek, Mr. Antonin Nekvinda and Ms. Klara Kadlecova from ‘Pons 21’ foundation, visited our centers. On 26.11.2018 the Guests from Czech Republic and Most Rev. Dr. Peter Machado, the President of ASHA Charitable Trust and the Archbishop of Bangalore along with the coordinator, assistant coordinators and the staff of ASHA Charitable Trust visited the beneficiaries of Tailoring Centre and the Four Wheeler Driving at Robertsonpat, KGF and interacted with the successful beneficiaries of the Job oriented course (four wheeler driving and Garment making) who were employed as drivers and tailors by private companies and making good earning for their families. The beneficiaries expressed their heartfelt gratitude to Caritas Hradec Kralove and the people of Czech Republic. Most Rev. Dr. Peter Machado, the Archbishop of Bangalore delivered a thought provoking message to the beneficiaries. Rev. Fr. Josef Suchar with the help of Mr. Antonin Nekvinda interacted with the beneficiaries of Tailoring and Four Wheeler Driving. Children expressed their happiness and Joy to know the interest of the youth to learn and be benefitted by their support. The Guests from Czech Republic were a true encouragement to all of us. The guests of Pons21 were so impressed by the initiative of Most Rev. Dr. Peter Machado in the field of education and skill training of the poor children of the Archdiocese of Bangalore that they invited Most Rev. Dr. Peter Machado, Fr Patrick, Srs. Juliana and Arogya Mary Jyothi to Czech Republic and assured them to find some good donors to support the activities of ASHA Charitable Trust.