Summer Camps

The annual 3 days Summer Camps for the sponsored children at 10 different places on theme “Child and Parent Relationship” More+


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A . Children from the 1st to the 5th grade in primary school are selected for the “child sponsorship” category. Children from higher age groups cannot be included due to financial sustainability of the project. Younger children or, on the other hand, older ones could be approved and registered in the ESP only in exceptional cases (due to some serious reasons) and only if approved by the concerned agency.

B . The concerned agency registers students directly in the “student sponsorship” category in selected Higher educations. Such a higher school program must be of atleast two years duration and the students must be registered prior to or upon the commencement of the first grade (when they learn of their admission to the school). The student may not be older than 21 years upon registration; in justified cases and following approval by the concerned agency, the student may be older. In such cases, different financial policies apply (see Clause 5.2.11).

C . Selection of a particular child depends on an objective evaluation of the family situation and all aspects affecting the same. It is difficult to set objective, generally applicable criteria of ‘neediness’. Based on our long-term experience, for purposes of ESP, we recommend considering a combination of the following indicators: Orphans or semi-orphans; Many children/siblings in the family. Children from large families have lesser access to education; that is why we prefer children from families that have more than two children; Serious affliction of a family member, especially if such a person is the bread-winner; Disaster in the family - fire, floods, etc.

D . Selected families shall be the poorest ones in the area according to local standards. It is important to consider the average monthly income of the family – not only seasonal/occasional income. This figure is mentioned in the profile of the child. Just one child per family shall be selected, because we believe that the whole family benefits from support to one child. Such a system enables us to improve life of more families in the area. In exceptional cases and following approval by concerned agency, another child in the family may be registered in the program. The children of the partner organization’s employees must not be registered in ESP.

Please Note:

Preference is given to the children out of school due to poverty and the illiteracy of parents.

Girl child will be given first preference.

The children from other religions (Hindu, Muslim), in each area or Parish are also taken.

If the child and the family are not sure of their residential continuity the selection of such a child is discouraged as education at contribution is not guaranteed.
The area / parish is studied well by the parish priest and then the children are selected for ESP.

The deserving children are selected from the age group of 4 to 10, i.e., children who are studying in LKG up to 5th STD.