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Jaysheeli HK-915

Jaisheeli is juvenile diabetic. She is not only diabetic, but also suffers from high cholesterol. She was studying 1st year B.Com, but could not continue her studies due to ill health. She was treated for her illness in different hospitals, but did not have any improvement in her health. Her father took her to Ayurveda Medication, where her sugar level came under control, but it affected her other part of the body. They consulted an Allopathic Doctor, who advised them to stop the Ayurveda Medication.

Now she is treated in an allopathic hospital and she has improved in her health condition. She is able to do her daily work and support her mother. She takes tuition for 15 children and earns some money. Once her health condition is stable, she will continue her studies. Her mother also suffers from same illness. She along with her family thanks Caritas Hradec Kralove for supporting her to regain her health. She has written a letter to her donor. We will send the scanned copy of the same along with this report.

Asha .V- HK-1969

We are glad to inform you that your sponsor child Asha V. HK 1969 has been able to gain good health with your Help and Prayers. She is staying at home because she was not going to school from past 2 years. She has promised to do her best while continuing her studies from the Next Academic Year (8th Std.).

She has utilized the financial assistance provided by you. She was able to pay for all her medical treatments- checkups, doctor fee, medicines and so on. She has gained health she is able to do all the household work. She takes care of her sickly father. The whole credit goes to you. Your generous help (for her education and this special help towards her medical treatment) has left a permanent sweet memory of you in her heart.

HK 1969 Asha V. along with her family has expressed their gratitude for all the help rendered to her by Caritas Hradec Králové. This was possible only due to your generous heart.

Malini, the Mother of Akash HK-2248

Malini is the mother of Akash HK 2248. She is suffering from Genealogical and Psychiatric problems. She has a small growth in her uterine wall, which is causing her continuous bleeding. She is under treatment and the extra growth will be dissolved with medicine.

Her major problem is Psychiatry. She is under psychiatric treatment. She gets hallucinations. She sees the visions and gets immersed by the same. As a result she laughs and cries without any reasons. At times she is out of her mind. She behaves as if she is possessed by an evil spirit. She says that she is worried of her children, because they live in slum area where these is no proper education and morals among the slum dwellers. Sometimes children are misused by the youth. She thinks that her children will be spoiling their future. Due to these thoughts her illness gets worsened. Staff of ASHA Charitable Trust visited her house and guided her to put her children to the hostel under priest’s care. She has agreed for the proposal and we have found a place for these children.

Now the condition of Malini is improving and once she recovers completely she will go for work as a domestic help. She is living with her mother (grandmother of Akash HK 2248). Her Mother works as a flower seller. Family is supported by her mother (grandmother of Akash HK 2248). She along with her children expressed gratitude to Caritas Hradec Kralove for supporting her child to be educated as well as showing concern in her wellbeing. God bless Caritas Hradec Kralove

Sahana Mary HK-2299

Sahana Mary HK 2299 is studying in 5th Standard. She suffers from heart ailment from her very birth. She was under weight and her heart beat was irregular. She is under treatment and out of danger. Her heart is not grown according to her age. Now she is 9 year old, but bodily she does not appear to be 9 years old. Her treatment is continued and shows signs of improvement.

Her father works as security guard and finds hard to take care of 3 children. Sahana Mary’s treatment causes them great burden. Her father is grateful to Caritas Hradec Kralove for joining hands with him to bring up his children, specially for financial support in medical and educational needs of Sahana Mary HK 2299.

Antony Alex- HK-2321

Antony Alex HK 2321 is studying in 7th Standard. He is suffering from skin allergy. His whole body gets rashes. It badly itches and he is unable to do anything by himself. He has been taking medicine to avoid it. In spite of that it affects him every month and after taking an injection it reduces its itching. It is affecting his studies too. He was not able to go to school. If he goes out in sunlight rashes comes on his body. Mother was literally worried and took him to many doctors for the treatment, but could not find the real cause for the disease.

His father is a painter and does not have regular employment. He is addicted to alcohol and spends his earnings in drinking. Mother was working as a domestic help. Now she is affected with arthritis. Due to arthritis, her fingers are swollen and she is unable to work. The Family was suffering due to this.

Medical assistance from Caritas Hradec Kralove helped Antony Alex HK 2321 to undergo blood test, so that they could find root cause for his skin allergy. Now he is under treatment and hoping to get cured completely. He along with his family expresses their gratitude to Caritas Hradec Kralove.

Pritham Sam HK-2345

Pritham Sam HK 2345 is a pre-mature baby by birth. He had problem in urinary pipe. He was not able to urinate properly. When he was 3½ old, he underwent an operation to rectify the problem in his urinary pipe. With that he was out of danger.

The side effect of treatment has caused him Asthma (breathing difficulty). It has affected his physical growth. He is affected more in winter and whenever weather condition changes. She is under treatment and showing the signs of improvement.

Suchitra, the mother of Pritham Sam HK 2345 is a single parent. She along with her son thanks Caritas Hradec Kralove for taking such great initiatives to care for the poor, who are thousands of miles away, but very near with heart.