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'One who is Gracious to a Poor Man Lends to the Lord, and the Lord will repay him for his Good Deeds'.
- Proverbs 19:17

ASHA Charitable Trust is a Ray of Hope to the Children, who are born with bundles of talents and gifts from above, but unable to shine due to poverty and its related problems. ASHA Charitable Trust through its activities has transformed the lives of thousands of the poor children of the Archdiocese of Bangalore to shine like stars in the society by giving them an opportunity to complete their professional education like Nursing, MBA, MBBS and Engineers.

They have become blessing not only to oneself and their family rather to the whole society through their dedicated and loving service in different fields like hospitals, companies and schools. These children are able to reach their goals through the generous contribution of kind hearted people from different parts of our country and from a distant land of Czech Republic. Caritas Hradec Kralove, Caritas Prague and local Indian donors have beautified and beautifying the lives of these needy talented children of Archdiocese of Bangalore.

There are many more needy children in and around the Archdiocese of Bangalore who are in need of financial and moral support to pursue their education and achieve their goals in their life. I invite you to be part of ASHA Charitable Trust through your generous contribution to brighten the lives of the poor and talented children.

I express my gratitude to all those who have become part of ASHA Charitable Trust as well as wishing to become part of the ASHA Charitable Trust in brightening the future of a poor child to be assets of society through education.

May our good Lord bless you in this beautiful work of God through empowering the lives of the poor through education.

Most Rev. Dr. Peter Machado
The President of ASHA Charitable Trust
The Archbishop of Bangalore